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"Großer Präsident, entscheide dich!" erscheint noch diesen Herbst auch auf englisch.

A play,

  • based on the thesis that party states worldwide have failed because the people are tired of being bullied by governments and bureaucrats,

  • that shows how politics with a contemporary system of government work,

  • that, however, also appeals to the people to allow the few politicians who are actually acting in the citizens´ interest to be and act as human beings.

The president of the State of Orthonia, David Arricas, is a proponent of transparent politics oriented to the citizens´ concepts and expectations. His acting is based on the conviction that the state must not be an end in itself but rather has to serve the citizens, not the other way around. Step by step, he changes the old system acting hostile to the people into a contemporary public order, adjusting laws and regulations which have estranged the citizens, and tailoring them to human reality in the process.

By acting the way he does, Arricas creates a lot of enemies for himself, the more so as he announced already before his election that he intends to finally free the people from the paralyzing bureaucracy, thus returning a bit of quality of life back to them. Through his political actions, he also antagonizes neighbor state regimes because these in turn fear that the spark of citizen emancipation could jump over and affect their country as well.

When the Secretary of State Eliana De Thomar, who was recruited into office by Arricas himself, incites a rebellion, a conflict ensues between Arricas and the citizens because these demand the death penalty for the traitor to their country. Arricas himself, however, strongly objects to the reintroduction of the death penalty.

Aside from numerous political questions, Arricas is also burdened with interpersonal issues. In particular, doubts and questions as to whether the love of his life could have played a foul game with him are afflicting him. More and more clearly, he experiences the downsides of power. Eventually, he falls between two chairs – on the one side, the presidential office and the promises he had made to the citizens; on the other side, the woman he adores and loves above all things that demands his resignation. He has to make up his mind.

Price: 8,95€

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